Launch of Kaymu iOS App

Kaymu, the premium online shopping community in Bangladesh, has unlocked yet another achievement in the space of e-commerce, rather, e-community. It has launched its iOS app after successfully experiencing the launch of android and blackberry apps. A country where almost 120 million people are mobile phone subscribers and no less than 40

million people use 3G, this step is nothing but enhancement of the existing Kaymu’s customer base. Considering the mammoth number of mobile internet users, it is only natural to step in and provide them the opportunity to shop online through their smartphones.

One can easily download it from either the iOS App store or from Kaymu Mobile Apps and become part of this largest growing e-commerce community in Bangladesh.

The launch of this IOS app tells a lot about the nature of company’s and nation’s future alike. People with iPhones, iPads and touch iPods and are always on-the-go desperately needed such app. Here are some of the features it offers.


Unique Features of iOS app
Users will get to see some very unique and impressive features. As everybody knows that nothing woos customers more than convenience. This is what it gives: convenience. Absolutely easy to use and browse. All the products at your disposal and furthermore you can even mark your favorite vendor or seller and see his or her products on the top. Plus the app keep alerting you regarding the new products and items.

Intuitive Listing Creation: As the motto of Kaymu is to encourage and help sustain the small & medium size entrepreneurs, this app just serve that purpose. The intuitive listing creation allows one to put a product with a description and you’re good to go. So, earning money is that easier.

Instant Communication: Since customers are always skeptical about the product they buy, this app reduces the skepticism by allowing the buyers to communicate directly with the vendor. The instant communication option puts you directly in contact with the seller.

Account Synchronization: Since, people don’t get the passage or access to the usual desktop computer & laptops, the sole purpose of this app is to allow the people to manage their account wherever and whenever they want. The sellers in particular need to manage and have a look at their accounts constantly. This really is going to take a lot of burden off their heads.

Rightly put by Head of PR, Umaila Akhtar that ‘Kaymu has evolved into a global brand and it takes advantage of the rapid growth of smartphone users in the country through its iOS app launch. The Kaymu iOS App features unique services to improve its users’ experience to best fit their needs”. For more “click here”

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