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Launch of Kaymu iOS App

Kaymu, the premium online shopping community in Bangladesh, has unlocked yet another achievement in the space of e-commerce, rather, e-community. It has launched its iOS app after successfully experiencing the launch of android and blackberry apps. A country where almost 120 million people are mobile phone subscribers and no less […]

A compact PC from Asus: ASUS ET2040

Asus has once again strikes the laptop market in India with its new launch of Asus All-in-One PC ET2040. This sis awesome gadget one can own and is quite stylish and super functional at the same time. The design of this particular device is meant for the recent trending of […]

Memory Card and USB Recovery is Now Easy

The modern age is the age of digital content. No day starts or ends without significant consumption and creation of digital content. This includes a good amount of pictures, videos, and software. The only problem here is the security of storage. The stuff you would like to save needs to […]

When You Need Desktop Support in London

Both large and small organisations often face a number of challenges in desktop management. Failure to monitor and control the corporate desktop could result in significant increase in downtime, which eventually affects the company‚Äôs productivity. If you IT team remains occupied with crisis management and desktop and server management, how […]

The Top Stupid Apps for Android

Stupid is everywhere, even on Android. Some apps try to tell if you’re stupid, some tell stories about stupid people. Some apps themselves are just stupid. These apps are all different in their own ways, but they share at least one thing – they all have something to do with […]