World Record of Consecutive Winning of T20

T20 World Record

Some days back, England defeated Australia in the Ashes Series and after that a twenty 20 match was held between these two and in this match also, England again defeated Australia with 1 wicket. After wining this quick match, they created a new history in the world of Twenty20 cricket.

England became the world champion of 2010 20-20 by beating the Australians on their home ground. The victory in this match was their 8th consecutive victory. Previously, the T20 world record was on the name of South Africa team with 7 consecutive victories in the year 2009.

Does it mean that the era of Australia is over? At a time, they were holding number 1 position in the test cricket but now it is India on that place. Even, England also defeated them and won the Ashes series, playing against Australia.

Well, here we are talking about the world record of 20 Twenty international match which is with England till now which they won with 8 consecutive victories. Let’s have a view on the journey of England about this record.

England T20 World Records

1) First Victory

On 6 May 2010, England overcame Pakistan by 6 wickets and with this, started their journey of this record.

2) Second Victory
On 8 May 2010, England overcame South African Team by 39 runs in Bridge Town to get second victory.

3) Third Victory
On 10 May 2010, England shot down New Zealand team by 3 wickets.

4) Fourth Victory
On 13 May 2010, Sri Lanka was beaten by 7 wickets by England Team and they added another victory in this chain.

5) Fifth Victory
On 16 May 2010, England won by 7 wickets from Australia.

6) Sixth Victory
On 5 September 2010, Pakistan team was beaten by England by 5 wickets.

7) Seventh Victory
Again on 7 September 2010, England made a consecutive 2nd victory over Pakistan by beating them by 6 wickets.

8) Eighth Victory
On 12 January 2011, England overcame Australia by 1 wicket on the Australian home ground and by this, the world record of Twenty20 is acquired by England.

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