Funny daily use common words with hilarious meanings

We are making you familiar here with some of the common words that you use in your daily speech. Many of you use these words daily while talking with others and might not have been noticed that their can be hilarious meanings of these small words. Anyways, whether you have noticed this or not, but we are letting you know here the funny conversions of these texts.

1. Cigarette: Cigarette is like a tobacco which is smoked by fools ?. When any person smokes cigarette, he looks like a fool. When any third person sees him smoking, he thinks that one end is burning with fire and any fool is taking the thing that is burning with fire.

2. Love Affair: It is like the most popular sports cricket. Such as in cricket, one day international match looks more interesting than the test-games; in the same way, love-affairs look more interesting if it lasts for a day or two and if it lasts for more number of days, it looks boring and dull.
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3. Marriage: It is an agreement between the husband and the wife and in this agreement; the husband enters into illiteracy by losing his bachelor degree while the wife enters into her masters’ degree by losing her illiteracy and foolishness.

Funny words with meanings

4. Divorce: Divorce is the conclusion of the marriage. It is the future of the adjacent bond created by the husband and the wife. It is a must thing that happens in almost all marriages. Generally, it is said that for a successful relationship, divorce is better than the marriage.

5. Conferences: It is a state of disorder and confusion that any man creates for the woman. The number of conferences increases with the number of men. It also increases proportionally with the number of ladies. The ladies can be girl-friends or wife or wives (wives are kept by characterless husbands only).

6. Dictionary: It is the only novel in this universe in which you can find the word ‘marriage’ after the word ‘divorce’. Usually, marriage happens prior to divorce of any relationship but dictionary makes it opposite.

7. Compromise: It is a state in which husband has to compromise with his masculine power and has to obey his girl everyday and everytime but the girl never compromises for her boy. The girl always thinks that she is superior and has all rights to do everything.

8. Lecture: It is an art in which the wife passes her information to her husband and the gentleman has to keep quiet till the whole knowledge is not transferred. If bychance any husband tries to interrupt in-between the lecture then the wife, acting as a strict teacher, punishes the husband with bamboo sticks, plates, cups or any utensil that she finds. So, the best is that you should always obey your teachers and agree to everything what the girls say.

9. Tears: This is the chemical reaction of girls which decreases the masculine power of boys and makes him weaken to such extent that the boy starts stopping that reaction by wiping the tears of his girl. The good point of this reaction is that although, the boy’s masculine power decreases in this reaction but then also, he loves when his girl weeps and tears come out from the eyes of his girl.
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10. Smile: A curve made on the face of the women that changes the structure of men’s face.

11. Experience: The experience is what any boy gains after his break-up with his girlfriend. There is no usage of this experience as the boy never utilizes his earned experience and again tries his luck with the new girlfriend. Again after some months, he breaks his relationship and starts searching for the new girlfriend. He never learns anything from his daily mistakes and one day, becomes husband and fires all his gained experience.

12. Father: The real financer that is always ready to finance you, even if you commit any mistakes and that too any number of times. Whether you commit the mistake (big or small), your financer is always ready to give you money.

13. Girl-Friend: The insurance policy that will always eat your money and will never give any benefit to you. But the surprise is that you will always invest in such an insurance policy and will always try to buy new policies.

14. Boy-Friend: The customer who is always ready to buy the insurance policies and to give money.

15. Office: A place where the person can relax after doing the hectic work at the home. This is generally the best place for husbands where they can relax after doing the daily household works in their homes.

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