Big Monster Sunflower of 7 meters in UK

Eve Fielding’s home garden has become an attraction spot for all the people now-a-days and people from far away places have started coming to have a look at the garden. It is like an ordinary garden except it contains one sunflower plant that has made its own name and the owner’s name shine everywhere in the world.

Actually, the sunflower plant which we are talking about has a height of 23 ft which is equal to 7 meters. It was planted by Eve Fielding in her home lawn at Kent, United Kingdom. The plant started to grow unexpectedly and the she expected that it will grow to 12 ft, something 3.6 meters.

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The 48 year old lady said that she has taken care very well of this sunflower plant. She has watered it and provided every thing that the plant needed.

She said that she planted some seeds along with her grand-daughter and both of them wanted to have their plant grow tallest. She said that at that time, no one even thought that their small seed can become so tall.
Biggest Plant of Sunflower

People are also surprised by the fact as the sun-flower is in an area where it lacks the direct sunlight and without the light of the sun, how it grew so tall.

The Guinness Book of World Records is holding the name of Hans-Peter Schiffer. His plant height was 26ft and 4 inches (8meters and 4 centimeters). It got positioned in World records book on 17 August 2009.

Mrs. Fielding now wants her tree to get a position in Guinness Books and break the old August 2009 record.

She has named this big plant as ‘Eiffel Flower’.

Eve says that Eiffel Flower has made her famous in the whole area. Her neighbors call this big tree as monster and she feels happy on seeing such a tall plant in her lawn.

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