Man bites Snake and wounds him

You might have heard that snakes bite human beings and humans die of the poison that is induced in their body by this dangerous reptile. But have you ever dreamed that a human being can also bite the snake and which can result of injury not to human being but to that snake. I know that this sounds awkward to you but it is true.

A man in California, United States of America was arrested by American police recently. The crime that this person did was that he bit a big poisonous snake in such a way that the big snake got a serious wound of 2 inches.

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The police have charged David Senk for biting and cutting a serpent so badly that it seriously injured the reptile. David cut it two times and this resulted a 2 inch serious wound on this poisonous reptile body.

Whne the wounded place was further examined by the surgeon, it was seen that some flesh was also missing from injured part of the snake. The surgeon was very much surprised to see the body missing some flesh.
David Senk bites Snake

The cops took David Senk with them. When Fox40 asked him that why he did so then the person was not having any answer. He just said that he is even not remembering the instance when this all happened. He said that he was in intoxication at that time and so is not remembering anything that he has done. He said that he is atleast happy that the snake is perfect now and is out of danger.

Mr. David Senk added that he want to see the poisonous reptile python. He said that he prays that it may soon get recovery. He said that he wants to meet the owner of that big python so that he can pay the money for the loss, for the surgeon and for the medicines.

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