Students kissed each other to protest

The students are said to be the future of any country. Generally, when they don’t like any new rule that is imposed on them forcefully then they stand all united and protest against that rule. Sometimes, this protest takes the form of violence and sometimes, it is done with non-violence and love. But now-a-days, it looks as everybody is adopting the path of non-violence.

Something similar happened in Chile. The students in Chile were protesting against the Funding Plan of Education that is being imposed on them. They were protesting peacefully but nobody listened to them. So instead to be violent, all the students came up with a new idea that they thought could grab attention of all.

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All the students gathered in the front of a govt house in Santiago and on some pre-defined time, started kissing each other. They kissed and all the people passing near by stood to see them. The media persons covered this news on their televisions and newspapers. With this, the young boys and girls started ‘World Kiss Marathon Day’.

The news became hot news for every newspaper and TV Channel. As the students expected, it has caught everybody’s attention and their message is reached to all the peoples to whom they wanted to convey. Now, their message is not only broadcasted to the higher authorities but also to common men.

Chilean Students said that they have kissed each other to protest against the new education funding plan. They said that they are against this plan and nobody is ready to hear them. So, instead of being violent, they thought that kissing each other is the best way to explain to authorities what they want to say. Chilean girls and boys added that they want to make their Education System better than before and so they have kissed their classmates. The students of Chile hope that there would definitely be good changes with this Kissing-Marathon. As per them, this is the best way to protest as compared to other ways of rasing slogans and indulge in violent activities.

Chilean Students Kiss Video

Chilean Students Kiss Photos

Chilean Students Kissing

Below video shows you the photos of boys and girls kissing each other in Chile

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