Boys are changing sex and becoming girls with Surgery

The youngsters now a days are not only dissatisfied with their looks and color of the skin but they are also not enjoying with their sex-organ. They want to have their partners’ sex organ, means the girls want to become boys and boys as girls.

The trend is seriously growing at a rapid rate. In India, the craze is maximum in the city of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. In other metro-politan cities like Delhi, Kolkatta and Chennai, there is lesser number of people that want to change their sex organ. The count of such persons is highest in Mumbai.

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The hospitals where this surgery can take place were very few in number previously but now such hospitals are also opening fastly. It is obvious that if demand is increasing then suppliers will find their business and market.

The males becoming females count is very high as compared to the females becoming males. The boys are much dissatisfied with their sex and sex-life and they think that women are much happier than them and so they decide to turn to women.
Also, some of the young boys whose habits resemble to girls want to live a girly life and almost all of them turn their sex-organ to that of ladies one.
Boys Girls changing sex

The ladies however who want to live a man life are lesser in number and this is also another reason thought by men to turn to be women.

Sex Transplantation Surgery

The doctors and surgeons say that it is easy to transplant the sexes of men to women but the viceversa is difficult. The surgeons say that in the former case, they need to mould the organ and give some breast enhancement hormones but in the latter case, it becomes very difficult for them due to the male organ to be made. The ladies are given Male-hormones so that they can grow beard, moustaches on their faces. In the latter case, the opposite breast operation is done i.e., Breast-decrement. The inhaling of hormones in both scenarios is a life-time activity and which should not be left any day.

The cost on this operation is about 6-7 lakhs Indian rupees and 6 consecutive operations are to be done to get success in this transplantation.

The persons who want to do this are asked to get a certificate from Psychologist first and if any certified psychologist approves this operation to be done then the surgeons do their job.

Sex Change Limitations

The sex-changing is not easy and it has several drawbacks.

• Firstly, you have to tolerate the comments from the society as society is not going to accept you as a social being. This is one of the biggest flaw as it is very difficult to live in such a society and culture that is not going to accept you. And if your partner deceives you, then you have no place to go and live your rest of the life and it becomes typical to earn your livelihood. Generally, the common human being hates such persons.

• Secondly, such persons can’t reproduce the children further. They can’t take part in the reproduction and can’t enjoy the life to the fullest. They can’t become the mother or father.

• Such people have to take the medicines throughout their life.


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