Banana used as Hammer in Siberia for hammering nails

What do you use in hammering nails? You might be saying me stupid for asking such a stupid question. But actually, I am not either idiot or stupid :). Infact, I am very intelligent :). Yes, I am. And to prove this, let me ask you the same question again. So, what tool people use to hammer the nails? I know you have answered ‘Hammer’. I know you think that your answer is 100% correct. But now, I am showing you my intelligence. You are not 100% correct. You might be thinking now that there can be some other tool which is been invented recently and people have started using it. But again, you are wrong. It is true that instead of hammer, some other tool is used. But it is not any type of some new tool or development. It is your favorite fruit ‘Banana’.

How soft banana can be used to hammer nails? It’s true that we cannot use soft banana for hammering nails but yes, we can use hard banana.

Banana used as Hammer

In Siberia in winters, the temperature goes so down that the bananas become very tight. They become so much hard that they can act as a hammer. People pluck those bananas from trees and they start using it in place of hammers.
Using fruit banana instead of hammer saves people’s money in purchasing the hammer. Besides money saving, the fruit acts for them as a perfect tool for hammering the nails.

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In Siberia, the temperature goes as low as -52 degree Celsius. And in such a temperature, many eatables freeze. The state of many liquid fruits change to solid. Since banana is already a hard fruit, it becomes so much hard so that it can be used to hammer nails.

So, are you thinking to try this experiment on your own also? You can do this with any fruit or vegetable by freezing it and then using it instead of your any hard tool.

Hammering Nails with Banana

Please see the video below in which Siberians are hammering nails with banana fruit.

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