Indian Sage hovers in air – Reason exposed

You all might have seen in your childhood that some old sages rises in the air above and sits there for some time. They worship God there in air itself and after some time, they come down. It is true that the old saints and God-worshippers used to do this as they were having the godly powers and with those powers, they used to do some unbelievable works.

We heard in our childhood some stories in which the old persons used to inhale fire, walk on fire, walk on water, fly in air etc. They used to do all such uncommon activities with their special majestic powers. Some were even successful in becoming invisible from others. We often think that had we were born in that time then we would have enjoyed a lot.
But, that is all past and we know that those persons used their internal powers and we also know that even today, some persons are able to do such things. Some examples come in which some person claim of doing strange works.

Indian Yogi in air

I can say that in today’s era, these all persons do not have godly powers and some of them just misguide public. Some of them are good magicians and with their magic, they cheat others.

Such type same incident happened in the Banaras area of Uttar Pradesh state of India. A sage came there and he told the innocent people that he can sit, stand and walk in the air. He said that he is having some special powers by which he can do anything.

* Man kills tiger for man-power.

He levitated in the air and when people saw him, they started gathering towards him. People started falling in his knees and they thought him to be some powerful man with extra-ordinary qualities.

But soon, he was exposed by a scientist. He came near the yogi and saw that the man was sitting on a steel rod. That steel rod was covered by yogi’s clothes and so, it was not visible to others. The rod use to take the weight of the person that sits on it. Any man can sit on that rod and it will look to other peoples that the man is sitting in the air. But actually, that person is sitting on that rod at that time.

The scientist then further added that such rods were used by Indian yogis since a long time and now, the hypocrites use this technique to fool innocent people and in this way, they generate many rupees.

Indian Sage in Air – Video

Please see the below video showing sage floating in air.

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