Richest Dogs of World – 52 Million Pounds House Owner

Famous Model and Fashion Designer Petra Ecclestone has made her dog a millionaire. She has purchased a big home in Los Angeles city in California State of United States of America for her pet dogs. The mansion that Petra Ecclestone has bought is of 57k square foot and she has spent 52 million pounds for purchasing it.

Petra Ecclestone is 22 years of age and said that her 5 pet dogs were unhappy while living at her home in London, England. She said that the London room is very small and has insufficient space for the pets.

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The beautiful model Petra further added that in new home, the dogs would be very happy. She has bought this house from Candy Spelling, who is the widow of Aaron Spelling, the producer of Television.

She said that all the dogs will be now very happy as the space of their residence is increased many times. She said that the 57000 square foot is more than enough for them.
Petra Ecclestone richest Dogs

On being asked about so much expenditure that she has done for her pet dogs, Petra said that she does not generally spend much money on herself and invests very much in charities. This also she has invested in purchasing house for the animals.

Model Petra Ecclestone further added that her animals were lacking space and were not able to enjoy their lives fully. So she has bought the property for them so that they do not feel that any injustice is done to them. The newly bought big home has 14 bedrooms and is very beautiful both from outside and inside. Yes, it should be beautiful because the money spent is 52 million pounds :).

The girl Ecclestone is married to James Stunt and the marriage was organized just last month.

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