Places where girl wants boy to touch

It is said that woman is the most precious gift given by God to man. Man tries his best to make his woman happy. Husbands try their best to make their wives happy and boys try to make their girl-friends happy. For this, often people think that the girl might like talking vulgar and having the men touch their inner parts. But the reality is not so. Girls do not like the boys who either talk or behave vulgar with them.

The ladies like the men with clean and good nature and character. They want their men to admire them and to make them happy with good ways. They like touching but not on private parts but infact on some of the places that we are going to describe here.

Where to touch girls

1. Fore-head: Girls love their boys to touch and kiss them on their foreheads. Touching on the forehead relieves the girl from strain, tension and fatigue of whole day’s work.

2. Back of Neck: Men often neglect the neck of women and that too on back side. In ancient Japan, people mostly concentrated on the neck’s back part of their ladies and the ladies loved that activity. Today, boys ignore that body-part. You should consider adopting the ancient tradition of Japanese of looking on the backside of girl’s neck.

3. Back: Ladies like to be touched by men on their back. This gives them feeling that their men cares about them and they will take care of them.

4. Collar-bone: This is one other part that girls like their boys to touch at.

5. Hands Palms: Touch the lady’s palms of hands and she will appreciate that. Girls want the boys to touch and kiss on their hands and especially, palms.

6. Feet: You should consider kissing the feet of your women. Ladies find it very interesting when men fall into their feet and put their feet on their heads. So, if you want to impress the girl then fall into their feet.

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7. Ears: You can take the ears of your woman into your mouth and can gently bite her at that place. Please remember that you do not touch your saliva on the ear else your babe will feel bad.

8. Thighs: Touch the thighs of ladies without touching any other part.

9. Behind knees: Touch the lady behind her knees.

If you think that we have missed any body part then please comment below.

Source: TOI


  1. One more love touch that girls like the most is on arms. Touch with mild squeeze at both arms of girl with your warm hands from behind.

  2. So sexy i want to do

  3. good and interesting

  4. Me and my cousin are really in love but we’re not quite ready to say to each other , but she always touches me and says I look good . She touches my thighs Etc . Now I just need to touch her , I have touched her hands and we held them together for a long time , she also hugged me and called me cute , is this a sign she loves me and wants to kiss ?

    • oh men…its insect….

    • Samantha beatty

      No- that doesn’t mean she loves you, but she could like you. There is a fine line between love and like, and people often mistake it as love. Also all of those things she said or did could be passed off as friendly. But seriously- cousins?! I get if it is not direct like dad’s nice or something, and if she’s married into the family. I really hope it’s the latter. But you should go ahead and kiss her! Start to make a move, and she objects then you can just pass it off. It’s a good way to finally get the truth.

      -coming from a girl

  5. Girls also love to be touched on the back of throad. I mean the top point of backbone. This gives the girls a lot of pleasure.

  6. their cp and their beast so sexy

  7. Personally I liked to be touch on my waist. It makes me feel more comfortable. I don’t know why, but it does.

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