Peanuts in Lungs, Boy in pain

A little boy in India is suffering serious pain in his lungs due to the piece of peanut that is been stuck in his lungs. The doctors are treating the boy continuously but they are unable to help him out. The parents and the doctors all are looking helpless and they are unable to provide the boy good treatment.

On one day, the little boy Jai, who is just 2 years old, was eating the peanuts happily. His parents gave him these peanuts to eat. He was very happy and was enjoying with her parents. The attention of his parents was deviated for some time and in that period of time, Jay started eating bunch of peanuts in one go. He was doing this just out of mischief and fun.

Peanuts in Lungs

But that mischief proved dangerous for him. He got some pain and started to cry. The parents, when heard their son crying, came to him and tried to console him. Soon, they saw that their son Jai is having pain in breathing. They realized that they should consult the doctor else anything bad can happen.

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Firstly, they took him to one of their local doctors. The doctor gave him some common medicines but they failed to treat him. Then they took him to one Amar Jain Hospital but there also, no one was able to understand the reason of the pain. The Amar Jain team referred the 2 years little kid to SMS Hospital.

Jai was admitted in the ENT department of SMS. The doctors gave some medicines, kept him for 24 hours and then discharged the kid.

The parents realized that their kid is still experiencing pain and then they took him to Fortis. Dr. Sanjay Chaudhary treated the boy but the pain still existed. The parents then consulted Uniyara Hospital. The treatment went for 2 weeks but there was no output.

Jai was then again taken to ENT department of SMS Hospital. This time, Sunil treated him and suggested X-Ray of the little kid. It was found that a peanut is there in the lungs of little kid, which is causing pain to the boy. Dr. Sunil did the operation and around 6 peanuts were taken out of the body of little kid. The doctor again did X-Ray of the boy and now, no peanuts were visible.

Jai is now alright and is feeling healthy.

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