Doctors replaced Chinese worker Li Zicheng hand’s thumb by toe

Li Zicheng is a worker who works in province Guangdong, which is on sea-coast of South China. He is working in a local factory in Guangdong. He is basically from province Sichuan.

In 2009, he entered Huiyang district of Huizhou and started working in the factory. He was living his life happily when one day; he suddenly met an accident during working. The accident was serious and he found that his right thumb was badly damaged due to an electric saw. It was the time of April 2010.

Li Zicheng Hand Photos

Li Zicheng fingers

Li Zicheng hand thumb

His friends advised him to go to ‘Guangdong Huizhou Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital’ for the surgery. The doctors at the hospital check him and did the surgery. But due to the stupidity and negligence of surgeons, Li Zicheng found his foot’s finger in place of his right hand’s thumb.

Actually, the doctors cut his foot’s finger and transplanted it to Li’s right hand (in place of thumb). When Li became conscious and saw this, he felt shocked and asked the doctors for the same. But the doctors were not having any answer of Li Zicheng’s questions.

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It’s been more than a year and a half since the negligence done by hospital staff but Li is not getting any justification from them. He went to other hospitals also but no one helped him. He even went to Health Bureau but they also didn’t pay attention to the state of Li Zicheng. He complained at many places against ‘Guangdong Huizhou Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital’ but it seems that even government of China doesn’t want to help the man.

One friend of Li Zicheng said that around 17-18 months have passed to that incident and he has not seen Li happy even for a single day since then. He said that we are migrant workers and so even government is not ready to pay attention towards us. He said that it’s totally mistake of surgeons and hospital staff and they should pay for it.

Guangdong Huizhou Huiyang Bone-setting Hospital higher authorities say that they cannot do anything in the matter except that they can pay Li Zicheng 20k Chinese RMB but for even this also, he has to file a case in the court. If court will order the hospital then only the hospital will pay this compensation amount to the victim.

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