Vancouver Couple Kissing in Hockey Riots – Video and Picture

Last week on 15 June 2011, some serious riots broke out in Canada in Vancouver city between the hockey fans, when the Canucks lose the hockey match against Boston Bruins in the finals of NHL Stanley Cup.

The fans of Canucks came out on the streets and made a great loss to the public and property. They set the cars on fire, whether they belonged to common man or to police, smashed all glasses and danced on the overturned vehicles. They were almost all drunken and were having the alcohol bottles in their hands. They entered the malls and looted them at their best. Young boys looted shirts and jeans for them while the ladies were seen carrying the costumes and jewellery more. The shop-owners were asked to keep mum else their life could be in danger. Nobody dare to stop these wrong-doers. Sears or Chapters, none was forgiven. The angry fans knifed the innocent people and threatened them.

Gregor Robertson, the mayor of the city felt very sorry on what happened and said that the incident does not represent the Canadian province.

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More police workers were called to control the whole situation but it was only after 4 hours of full efforts that the angry fans were been controlled.

Robertson said that the ambulances and medical staff were made available for the victims and the injured were immediately taken to the nearby hospitals.

Henrik Sedin, the captain of losing team Canucks said that it’s insane and we are really ashamed on what the fans have done to the Canadian city. The team has lost and win or loss is obviously there in the game but what’s the reason of destroying own place and city in it.

It was chaos all around in Vancouver that night.

To strange on all this was the love-couple that was photographed by Rich Lam. In the picture, the couple is shown kissing each other and was careless from what was happening in the riots.

Vancouver Kissing Couple Photo

Vancouver Kissing Couple in Hockey Riots
Vancouver Kissing Couple

The identified persons are girl as Alexandra Thomas, who is born in Canada and is an environmental engineering graduate and the boy as Scott Jones, who is from Australia. The two are dating each other from last 6 months and were in the bar when tensions flew.

The Vancouver couple however says that they were not kissing at that time. Scott Jones said that he and his girl-friend Alexandra Thomas were hit and beaten by the local police. Both of them fall down and it seemed as if they are loving and kissing inspite of such a prevailing atmosphere.

Scott said that girlfriend Thomas was very much frightened and he was consoling her. Alexandra added that everything became so violent and so fastly that she don’t know when her photo was taken and leaked on all social bookmarking channels. This kissing couple picture became a hit on Facebook and some people appreciated their love while others criticized them.

Vancouver Kissing Couple Video

This video shows what really happened with boy and the girl and why they were in kiss with each other.

Just let us know what you think of the Kissing-Couple.

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