Google gets One Billion Visitors in May

The first time the web Giant Google is able to touch its visitors count to 1 billion. The report as per by ComScore revealed that Google got more than a billion visitors in just one month in May. The exact number is 1 billion 9 million and 699 thousand. Last year, it got 931 million and referring to the last and current stats, it is 8.4% hike.

ComScore’s measures the net visited by people all over the world from its various online services and is taken as the correct information. It prepared its first traffic-report in 2006 when Big G was having around 500 million people who visited them at that time.

This time, the largest users surfing the Big G’s network of sites came from South Africa and India. And China and South Korea users surfed the least.

It should be noted here that this number does not represent just the search engine but it’s the overall websites of Google, which includes Gmail, Buzz, and Youtube etc. The same applies to other firms also. By the way, the you tube which the big G acquired helped it a lot to achieve this milestone.

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The second runner-up was Big M Microsoft which got 905 million visitors. No doubt, Microsoft has also seen improvement in the numbers from last year and this time its up by 15 %.

The maximum increment is enjoyed by the world’s biggest social networking channel Facebook, which got 714 million audiences and the percentage increase is 30. Yahoo got around 689 million users. Till September, Yahoo was leading Facebook but lost the battle in October. Anyways, yahoo experienced 11 percent hike.

Google Traffic and Visitors Count
Google Traffic

Regarding the average time spent, FB Facebook has topped with its users spending 250 billion minutes in the month of May while Microsoft got only 204 billion minutes and Google as 200 billion mins. In the average time on site, M is leading G.

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