Double Dhamaal Movie Review and Story

Bollywood Movie Double Dhamaal is the continuation of Dhamaal that was released in 2007. So, if you have seen the former then you will feel as the same film is continuing now. I would suggest if you have not watched the 2007 released or have forgotten that story then you must watch the old 2007 film first.

Making a subsequence involves a lot of challenge and more hard work as compared to the initial version as the audience will compare that new version with the initial one. If the first version is good then obviously the next release should be better and if not better then atleast good but not even fair also, else the people will lose the interest.
So, let’s come on the story.

Story of Double Dhamaal

The casting stars are:
• Arshad Warsi as Adi
• Sanjay Dutt – Kabir (Inspector)
• Mallika Sherawat as Kamini
• Satish Kaushik as Bata Bhai
• Jaaved Jaaferi – Manav
• Ritesh Deshmukh – Roy
• Ashish Chowdhary – Boman
• Kangna Ranaut — Kiya
• Harry Josh

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The story starts from the ending scene of Dhamaal where all the actors have donated their money to the charity. They were happy after doing this noble cause but suddenly they came to know that some more black money is hidden somewhere. Inspector Kabir wants to eat that alone and each of the other actors also want the same. They are ok if they get an equal share in that wealth.

Double Dhamaal - Story and Review
Double Dhamaal

The bollywood comedy turns a twist when Kabir’s wife Kamini and sister Kiya jumps into and make it more interesting. Kabir is no more a police officer now and is just chasing after the black money. He is very rich, has a Mercedes car and a beautiful home.

The four funny ideates decide to blackmail the ex-inspector but they were unaware of the fact that the ex-policeman is a big cheater and more clever than all four of them. He has his game planned which is shared only to his sister and wife. Initially the funny actors got some Kabir’s wealth and felt very happy but that was also a part of Kabir’s plot.

Every side tries to make the other one’s life a hell but again we see a new twist as Johnny Bonzola, the king of casinos and Bata-bhai (a gangster turned sadhu) make their entry.

The movie was giving a good laugh to the audiences but this turn and entry makes more joking and will make you laugh more. Some vulgar jokes are introduced deliberately to have more fun for the youngsters.

Double Dhamaal Review

The bollywood film is filled with comedy and is quite entertaining. But again as it is a next part of Dhamaal then obviously one should expect more from it. But here it lacks to meet the expectations of the audiences. It is not as enjoyable as first version. Also, some are criticizing the vulgarity used.

From the end, it is very well clear that the producer Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria want to make the third part also in the near future. I think he has great hopes from his this comedian act. The story is having same type style written by Tushar Hiranandani but is nicely edited by Sanjay Sankla.

Satish Kaushik has small role but has proved his superiority in making the public laugh. Actress Mallika Sherawat is looking stunning in item number ‘Jalebi Bai…’ Apart from this, the females have nothing much to do. Our Munna Bhai Sanjay Dutt has done his role well and all four ideates have repeated their same style. Music Director Anand Raj Anand is not so good also and not so bad also, he is mediocre. The cassettes are available and distributed by T-Series.

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