KMSS Leader Akhil Gogoi arrested – Sec 144 in Guawahati

The Police of Assam arrested Akhil Gogoi, the leader of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti, KMSS from Press Club when he was addressing the press conference in Guwahati on Friday.

Akhil Gogoi leaded the clashes carried out by KMSS supporters that killed 3 people in the Dispur area in Guwahati. More than 50 people are reported as injured. Around 170 vehicles were destroyed completely or partially. The government filed 10 cases against him and arrested him under the National Security Act. He is taken to the Pan Bazar Police Station.

The police was bulk in number as they feared that the activists can prove violent. Akhil, while addressing, said that the Assam Police has attacked the public who was peacefully raising their concerns and were asking their homes back, which are being snatched away from them. They were living in these homes from the last 15 years.

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The government on the other hand said that there was no reason of protest as it already declared to hand the homes to their owners.

Akhil Gogi KMSS Leader arrested
Assam Section 144 on Gogoi Arrest

The Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti head asked his supporters to protest against his arrest but also compelled that it should be with peace and not by any means of violence. The other activists raised the slogans in loud voices and asked to leave him. But they were not heard by anyone.

As soon as KMCC head was captured by Assamese cops, Section 144 was imposed in the city as the govt feared that had this not be done, the supporters can prove violent. The security has been tightened and every stranger is been seen and handled with great precaution.

Dr. Gitashree Tamuli, wife of accused said that her husband is an activist and so, the arrests, going to jail etc. are part of his life and she has no worries on this. She added that her man is very strong and will bear such things with a smile on his face. She said that the govt cannot suppress the voice of whole nation. With this in-human act, several more people will come in front.

Taking her husband side, she denied of any allegements and said that her man is innocent but since he was leading, so he is suspected in the death of 3 peoples. She also said that the wrong-doers belonged to Congress party and not theirs.

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