Bollywood Movie Shaitan Review And Story

Bollywood Movie Shaitan is directed by Bijoy Nambiar. It is a story of five youngsters, who believe in living the every moment of life to the fullest. These youngsters are very close friends and they believe in ‘Live Today and Don’t Think Of Tomorrow’. Means they don’t worry of what will happen in the future. They just know that they have to pass their today happily.

But the situation changes when they hit 2 persons and both die in an accident from their car. They want to hide this crime that was committed by mistake and for hiding it, they then commit crimes deliberately. This is what shown in the movie.

So, let’s start with the story:

Shaitan Bollywood Movie Story

The Starts Acting in this film are:
• Kalki Koechlin as Amy (Amrita Jayshankar)
• Shiv Pandit as Dash (Dushyant Sahu)
• Gulshan Devaiya as KC (Karan Chaudhary)
• Kirti Kulhari as Tanya (Tanya Sharma)
• Neil Bhoopalam as Zubin
• Rajeev Khandelwal as Inspector (Arvind Mathur)
• Rajkumar Yadav as a Police Officer

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Ami, Dash, KC, Tanya and Zubin are five friends. These all 5 always remain in full fun and enjoyment. One day while they were going to somewhere in car, they met with an accident. Karan was driving the car. All were in the same funny mood. Suddenly Karan lost control and killed 2 persons.

Bollywood Movie Shaitan Review - Story

The death make all of them frighten and they all decide to hide and cover their crime.

But the situations and time don’t take their side. One day Rajkumar Yadav, who is a police officer uncover them with their hands in the road-accident.

He then thinks to bribe the 5 youngsters. He asks a sum of 25 lakhs rupees from them in order to keep mum and close this case.

But this was again a problem for the 5 peoples as 25 lakhs was a big money for them and they were not in a position to give this amount to anyone.

The police officer forces them for the said money and threatens them that if they cannot offer him with the money, he will expose all of them in front of anyone and will drag them to the court and jail.

To fulfill the police official demand and to arrange for 25 lakhs, they commit further criminal offenses.

Shaitan Bollywood Movie Review

The Bollywood Film Shaitan is a Thriller Film with not any newness in the story. You might have seen the same story films in the past. But the newness that you will be able to see in Shaitan is the presentation. The screenplay is fresh enough to grab the audience interest throughout from start to end.

At some of scenes, you will be in confusion in the second half but then also you will be able to track the story at some later time.

The film and the story are mainly only for the youngsters but I think it will be able to grab a good number of audiences, again mainly young generation people.

The screenplay and the style that is used in making it are really appreciable.

Abhijit Deshpande has done a good job in casting the dialogues of the film. The dialogues are also very effective and hold good part on capturing the audience attention.

The actors have played their respective roles very well. The performance of Kalki Koechlin is unforgettable.

The movie is made under the banner of Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Getaway Films.

The music is good. ‘Pintya’ song is already getting so good love from all. The other some of the melodious songs are ‘Khoya Khoya Chand’ and ‘Hawa Hawaii’.

If you love Thriller, then you can watch this Bollywood movie.

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