Facebook Helped Goa Police To Catch Frog Eater Yoko Games

A man posted on his Facebook profile about killing Indian Frogs and eating them. He posted this in just fun and wanted to let his friends know of his food.

But he didn’t know that this fun could prove costly for him. 

NGO Wild Goa Network of Goa saw his facebook post and complained to the Forest Department. The Goa Forest Police raided his house and found the traces of cooked frogs in his house.

At the time of raid, the man was not present in his home. The officials came to know that he left for Mumbai and will return after some days. His parents were at home who told them of the man’s presence in Mumbai.

The police asked his parents of the same that how the frogs cooked traces are present when the Indian bullfrog is considered as the protected species and its killing is banned in the state.

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The defaulter person has uploaded the information of eating the frog on his facebook account, on which he is active by the name ‘Yoko Games’.

Frog Eaters Arrested

The government of Goa has banned frog-killing. Usually the bullfrogs are killed in the monsoon season in the state, when the number increases dramatically. The ban was imposed as an increase in the number of insects, which increased as the human beings started killing their hunter – frogs. Also, the snakes started lingering towards the city and villages as they were unable to find their food in the forests.

The NGO’s activist Vaz said that they are continuously fighting against frog-poaching from the last 6 years. For this, they try to find every possible way from where they can hold the culprits and this illegal work can be stopped.

Vaz further said that last year also they caught a person, and that person was having this small animal in bulk. The NGO found around 60 alive bull-frogs from him.

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