Twitter Rolls Automatic URL Shortening Service

Twitter and Facebook are the most important social bookmarking websites today. The issue with Twitter is that users can post only 140 characters in the messages. If any user wants to share any website link and the link is long enough that it crosses the 140 limit boundary then they have to manually shorten it by any URL Shortening service.

But the company on Tuesday updated a very important feature that overtakes this major drawback. Now, the users can paste the lengthy urls direct into their tweets. The Twitter APIs will automatically convert the lengthy url links into shorten ones so that users need not to take help of any third party app or service.

Twitter guys said that they will take care of the long links and will shorten them automatically to 19 characters.

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The company said that when 13 characters of any url are entered, the account holder will get an auto-message that though he can continue increasing the link size, but his link will be truncated. So, if he adds more text to the url, it will be shortened by the new automatic url shortening service of Twitter.
Twitter URL Shortening Service

The tweet link length will be reduced and link Id would be assigned to it and it will appear as a shortened version of original link, so that people who are viewing may know the original site that the message and link is referring.

As an experiment, the company has launched the service for a small fraction of users and will slowly update it to all the worldwide Tweeter users.

The company also stated that it is concerned more with security aspects and the urls which would be converted by the new Shortening Apis would be verified for any security threat and if found any danger, the users will get a warning stating that it can be risky to click on the said link and they should continue only if they think it to be 100% safe and secure.
Apart from this, support for Brazilian Portuguese language was also added. Already the microblogging site is supporting English, German, Spanish, and French etc.

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