Google stops Street View Service in India

Google announced its Street View Service last month in India and started recently with Bangalore city. To make it successful, the Google-operated tricycles and cars were moving in and out in Bangalore streets and were taking the images with the special cameras that were mounted on these modern vehicles. These images were to be made available as a part of Google Maps Street View Web Service.

Everything was going on fine when suddenly the police commissioner of city interrupted this operation.

The company spokesperson said that they have got a letter form commissioner of police and they are looking into it. They have stopped their vehicles till there is any collaboration between government and the company. The police has raised the concerns that the automated vehicles are breaching the security of the city and so they have to stop them.

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The spokesman said that it’s true that every country like India has some laws regarding the collection of secret data by the foreign firms and the Foreign Direct Investment Act of India limits the foreign investment of media and news companies but their web service Street-View is not any news or media entity. He also pointed out that other than this, the interruption should be for any sensitive and secure areas but not for the public places and roads. He questioned that whether the International Media needs to seek permission every time they take any picture in the country. If the answer is No then it should be followed now as well.

Google Street View Service in India
Google Street View Service

This View of Street was launched in 2007 and is currently being available in 27 countries of the world. It is an important part of the company’s Maps.

This is not the first time that any nation has raised its concerns over Big Giant operations. In the past also, the tricycles and cars of the company were objected by the government of Switzerland and later by Germany. Some German residents said that they do not want to show their houses openly and so Ggl had to blur those houses pictures when Germany govt intervened in between.

For Indian residents also, the web giant Google has said that it will blur the photographs that would be considered as inappropriate and would be regarded as breaching the security of the country.

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