Google Translate adds support for 5 Indian Languages

Seems like every web company is targeting Indian market now a days. Previously, Microsoft released its Internet Explorer 9 browser in eleven of the regional languages of India and now Google has added 5 regional Indian languages to its translating web service.

Google has mentioned on its blog that it was a challenging task for it to add support for these languages as these are entirely different from their mother tongue English. English uses SVO ordering (Subject-verb-object) whereas Indic Langs use SOV ordering (subject-object-verb). This was the main hurdle that was coming in their path as the structure of the sentence changes completely and the chances of errors increase.

With this addition, the total number of scripts in which translation is possible now touches 63, with total of 11 alpha-langs been added since 2009.

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It said that even Chinese, Dutch or Spanish was easy to work upon and so they were released long way back.

Big G said that initially there would be less updations in the word list which would be streamlined at some later stage and that too would be done soon.

See below when I typed some text to convert it into Tamil. Can anyone please figure the text written? Please excuse me if something weird is mentioned as I randomly typed some text to convert and I don’t know Tamil 🙂

Google Translate adds Indian Languages
Google Translate

Google Translate Indic Languages Added

• Tamil
• Gujarati
• Telugu
• Bengali
• Kannada

The count of people speaking the above mentioned languages is more than 500 million only in Bangladesh and India alone. So, Big Web Giant is expressing a good usage of its Free Web Translator Service.

The company has allowed the Phonetic Typing also. If you type the word in English and hit space, it would be automatically converted to the selected From language. But to use this Phonetic Typing, you must have fonts installed on your system for these Indic scripts. You can download the fonts for Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannada.

Although all measures have been taken and the best Linguistic Experts have been involved in this whole process but then also if you see any mistake while translation, you can report it to Google and it will try to correct it.

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  1. CheckMark

    I’m waiting for Google to add American Indian to translate.

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