Want Divorce – Search Facebook

Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking website can help you to get divorce from your life-partner.

As per a survey conducted by 1,600-member American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, facebook is responsible for one out of 5 divorces. 81% of lawyers say that Social Networking websites gives the maximum evidences for divorces and facebook tops this list with acquiring 66% alone.

One lawyer from Florida, United States said that facebook separates partners in 90% cases.

St. Petersburg attorney Carin Constantine said that all should unite towards a common belief that Facebook is a marriage killer.

The lawyers said that their clients who want to end relationships with their husbands/wives have seen their partners having fun with other people on facebook itself.

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Most of the wives who do not want to stay any more with their husbands have seen their husbands with other girls on facebook. Their men upload their pics on this social networking website in order to please those girls and to prove their superiority. Some upload out of foolishness. They fail to think that their wives are keeping an eye on then and they might get caught flirting in this way.

Some when doubts of being caught by their wives, delete the photos but the clever wives have already downloaded the photos. Some if forget to download still try to get those by accessing the Facebook cache.
Facebook gives Divorce

The pictures are even accessible via Google Images.

Some men even have kids from their outside girls. Some are even caught with baby-sitters. All report is given by Facebook.

So, we can say it’s a Marriage-Killer.

So, if you too want divorce from your husband or wife, search facebook 🙂

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