Facebook going to shut down on March 15 – Rumor or Confirmed

Is Facebook going to shut on March 15Internet is flooded with the news that Facebook is going to close on March 15. Majority of the people believe it as a rumor while others say, it can happen. Whatever it may be, people are worried on this.

Today’s age is facebook age. Some people spent more time on facebook, even more than with their friends. Facebook is their best friend, the real timepass.

Some times, facebook has threat from viruses, hackers and now it is itself becoming a threat to people. Users have their important friends, contacts on this biggest social networking channel. Facebook has beaten every other social networking site.

I don’t know if it’s true that Zuckerberg of facebook wants to turn face book down because he is incapable to maintain this big name. He wants to live a normal life.

Whatever it may be, I’ll advise the users to export their important contacts before March 15. If the rumor comes true, people may lose ending many useful data.

I personally say, ‘I Love You Facebook’, don’t go. What about you?

Update on May 16, 2011

This news was a big rumor and the social networking channel is still active and will remain forever. The founder has confirmed that they will never shut it down as the company is progressing leaps and bounds and earning very much. So, there’s no reason of stopping or closing it. No one is so fool that it kicks away the coming money. There’s not even a single question of closing it. The biggest networking website is at number 1 in the world. From the last 2-3 continuous years, it has remained at the first position and since the day of its launch, it is continuously progressing and its users are increasing day by day.

Every blogger or website owner now has to depend on it. Some news and funny niche blogs get more traffic from it than from Google also. The biggest search engine also fails in front of it. So, if by chance it shut down, it will be big loss to online world.

It keeps the friendship of various people with other persons of the world. People make their friends world-wide with this channel. It’s also a funniest timepass for the youngsters and the persons who are free and have nothing to do.

People love surfing it more than watching the movies or comedy serials.

The day when the rumor broke out, people felt very disappointed and some began to delete their important messages and contacts from their profiles. Some started bidding good byes to their old friends and said that they will miss them forever. But again they have now access to all their friends and important messages and now are more assure than before that they will never miss their beautiful website.

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  1. It is a rumor. no doubt about it.

  2. Yes, i agree to shut it down, because many people have been fooled and screwed by the FB freaks… it would be a major problem to all of us if we continue using this..

  3. Face book should be shut down because millions of taneegers and many many people have been misled and many have been traped into temptations, yes, there are lot of advantages and disadvantages, but , its better to save the innocents from the freaks and lead a normal life..

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