Aarakshan Bollywood Movie Story and Review

The bollywood film Aarakshan is going from many difficulties. People and even the government officials are opposing it. Some state governments have banned this movie in their respective states. And Big B Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is very sad on this. He has expressed his sadness on his blog by saying that the law-makers are just listening the rumors and they don’t want to know the real moral that the story wants to give.

Superstar Amitabh further adds on his blog that he has never cared of fate of any of his films and will never care in the future also but he adds that there should not be any ban on the release of this Aarakshan as it is the real drama that is happening in our Indian society. It is showing the real picture of India and so instead of banning it, it should be shown to every Indian so that he or she may know the problems of reservation that can arise if it is not stopped.

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We will now focus on story as why it’s being banned.

Aarakshan Movie Star Cast

The stars acted in this movie are:
• Big B Amitabh Bachchan as Prabhakar Anand, a college principal.

• Deepika Padukone as Poorbi Anand

• Manoj Bajpayi as Mithilesh Singh

• Saif Ali Khan as Deepak Kumar

• Prateik Babbar as Sushant Seth

Story of Aarakshan Movie

The story begins with a college in Bhopal. Prabhakar Anand is the principal of this reputed college. The college is well known everywhere and every student whether rich or poor wants to get admission in this educational institution. The students just want the admission, they don’t care the means by which they can get a seat in the class.

But principal Anand is very strict with his rules. He has some principles in his life and affirms to them. Prabhakar wants only those students who work very hard, get good marks. He doesn’t care if the student is from rich family or poor.
Aarakshan Movie Story and Review

He is very much against the reservation in India due to which the intelligent students get deprive of getting admissions in reputed institutions. And he openly boycotts the reservation policy of India and Indian government.

And this is where he generates his enemies. The trustees are just money-minded persons and they want the money. They do not care if a child is capable of being a part of their institution or not. They want that they should get good wealth, no doubt who the child is.

The bollywood movie is showing the difficulties that Prabhakar gets by his rules. All trustees become his enemies. And now they start pushing the Vice-Principal of college Mithilesh to power. Mithilesh himself focuses on the coaching centers so that he can earn handsome rupees from them. The poor children and their future is nothing for him.

One of the favorite students of Prabhakar Anand, Deepak, who is himself from the low background also turns against him and call him as casteist. And another student Sushant, who is from upper caste, asks him that who will be responsible for the fate of meritorious students. He says that Anand is playing with many careers and lives.

All compel the principal for resignation so that Vice-Principal can grow in power.

Review of Aarakshan Movie

The director Prakash Jha of this bollywood film (with drama genre) has very well explained the casteism prevailing in Indian society and the ill-effects it can have on our future generation and the country in whole. The movie is very well explaining the bad effects of this casteism on the modern education.

The first half will completely show this caste-system’s ill effects. The first half shows the quarreling between Saif Ali Khan and Big B Amitabh Bachchan, which looks very real. Saif has given his best performance. No doubt, no one can compare Big B talent and experience.

But don’t know why director doesn’t want Saif Ali Khan in the second half. He is gone out from the second half and the movie revolves only around Amitabh and Manoj Bajpayee. Big B starts providing free coaching classes to the poor children in a cow-shed. Soon, everybody tries to join his free coaching classes in the cow-shed and in the end, Mr. Khan too.

Deepika Padukone is loyal with her role. Prateik Babbar is little disappointing for all and looks artificial.

Aarakshan Film Banning

The film is banned in states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Andhra Pradesh (AP). AP is a small market, so it doesn’t add many difficulties that are occurred on the banning of the movie. But due to ban in other states, the director and film team is experiencing huge losses. Prakash Jha has filed a petition in the Supreme Court so that ban could be lifted and true face of caste system could be shown to the youth.

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