Bollywood tweet and celebrates Anna Hazare’s victory

As whole India is celebrating Anna Hazare‚Äôs victory, Bollywood is also not back in this. Hazare broke his 97 hour fast when Manmohan Singh government bend against him. Singh agrees to pass ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’.

As soon as the victory fell into the ears of Bollywood’s celebrities, they started tweeting and congratulation Indians on this victory.

As per Anna, this is a Victory of Whole Nation as a whole. Hazzare when started fasting, declared that he will continue the fast-unto-death.

Whole country is saluting the 73 old to fast for more than 4 days. Country-men also came to support him and started protests against Manmohan Singh and his government. They raised slogans that

‘If Manmohan and Congress wants vote, accept Jan Lokpal Bill, else no Indian will vote for Congress.’

Anna Hazzare Breaks Fast Bollywood tweets

Bollywood Tweets on Anna Hazare’s Victory

Dia Mirza: ‘The youth of India finally has reason to hope again. Jiyo Hazare Saal Anna Sahib!’

Bipasha Basu: ‘Corruption is our enemy n now d tools 2 fight it wil b stronger with d formation of this committee! V need more leaders like Anna Hazare! Ths victory of Anna Hazare shows d strength of ppl n r democracy!Its a very positive sign 4 India!.’

Shilpa Shetty: ‘Anna Hazare has won:)Salute his gumption and selfless work..makes me feel very small..complete Respect!Now this is Democracy’.

Purab Kohli: ‘Jeeyo Hazare Saal. Anna Sahib!’

Mahesh Bhatt: ‘Anna Hazare’s movement shows how desperately India wants a leader and how disillusioned Indians are with the system.’

Anubhav Sinha: ‘Now it’s up to us to destroy corruption INSIDE OUT. Corruption is an Enterprise that Anna took it upon himself to destroy. Now we must take a vow to eradicate the consumers of the Enterprise.’

Uday Chopra: ‘Now that the good guy has won, I can put some thoughts down on corruption. I will start with my basic premise’.

Madhur Bhandarkar: ‘Congrats to each Indian. Annagiri has worked and democracy wins. One nation one voice. United India lightened India!.’

Mandira Bedi: ‘Down with the Corrupt…’

Shekhar Kapur: ‘Anna’s victory against government, but b vigilant always, for victory can b short lived. When ppl celebrate victory against d parliament den system is wrong as govt shld act for n not against ppl.’

Anupam Kher: ‘Life is about dreaming and hoping. Today’s VICTORY may not eradicate corruption overnite but it is a great beginning (sic).’

Vishal Dadlani: ‘If we just stand together like we have with Anna, India will be the greatest nation on earth, for REAL.’

Atul Kasbekar: ‘Anna Hazare, Ralegaon Siddhi, fantastic that a simple man from a place no one can point on a map shakes India in a week!(sic). Incredible to witness the power of the people n that of its united thought! This was d 1st step now for the long march.’

Shobhaa Dee: ‘Anna Hazare, Zindabad! Big victory for Young India. U can enjoy the IPL now. u have earned yr entertainment. Become cheerleaders 4 Clean India!’


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