Beware Chatters – Court issued warrant to girl for chatting

The Delhi High Court of India issued a warrant to a girl in Mumbai for chatting and blackmailing the boy with whom she met online on chatting.

Nikhil is an Indian Institute of Technology graduate student of Kanpur and presently works at a multi-national firm in Gurgaon, Haryana. He is fond of chatting and making new friends online on internet. Once while chatting, he met with a girl from Mumbai who is also an IIT worker. She is a pass-out of Allahabad University and has done her Ph.D. in Physics from there. And currently is working as a Research Associate at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

One day, Nikhil while surfing the net pinged her most common and first message ‘hi’ to her. She replied with the same ‘hi’ and after that the chat continued from asking the general questions like ‘asl please’, ‘what you do’, ‘your name pls’, ‘sweet name’ etc…..

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Both of them added each other in their address list and started pinging each other when they saw each other as online.

Slowly, the questions took advanced type and started indulging in personal lives. The lady felt so crazy about the man that he proposed him and asked him to marry her.
Court fined IIT girl chatting MNC boy

On hearing the wedding word, the boy shocked as she was just an online friend of him and not anyone with whom he could settle his life. So, he refused her politely.

The woman on the other hand took it as very seriously and threatened him that if Nikhil is not going to wed her, she is going to commit suicide and he would be blamed for the death.

The IIT guy consulted with his friends and filed a case in Delhi court. The court gave orders and asked woman to appear in the court. As per the Justice Kait, the man has to pay for the lady’s tripfare, her accommodation in 3-star hotel till she has to live in the country’s capital and also if her mother or any guardian accompanies her, their expenses will also be beared by the boy.

But the IIT woman did not obey the orders and did not appear before the judge. The Justice took now harsh attitude and asked fined her a sum of Rs. 10,000 as a compensation for the insult of law.

Now, this IIT girl has to appear on July 7 in delhi for this case-hearing.

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