Comparison between Apple iPad 2 Vs Blackberry Playbook

Apple always retains a strong place in the market. By the launch of apple iPad 2 its share in the market has also increased. iPad2 is sleeker and lighter than its predecessor. Blackberry playbook is also there  in the tablet market.

Blackberry playbook is considered as a Professional tablet. The lack in playbook comes when we talk about “Apps” because blackberry OS do not  have such a great list of apps as Apple OS have.

Here I have compared these two powerful tablets for making a clear picture in mind about their features, which will help you to decide which one is best for you.

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iPad2 Vs. Playbook
iPad2 Vs. Playbook

Operating System and processor

iPad2 is having 1GHz dual core processor Apple A5 Chipset which provides 6x CPU and 9x GPU performances and is having 1000MHz Processor Speed. iPad2 is shipped with iOS 4.3 which provide a boost to its performance.

Blackberry playbook is running on 1 GHz ARM cortex processor with blackberry tablet OS QNX operating system.

Design and dimensions

Apple iPad2 is looking smashing with Black and White color having wide screen 9.7-inches LCD Multi-touch support display that will surely amaze you. It has resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and having light sensors. By form factor it is a touch-bar tablet with (241.2×185.7 x8.8 mm) dimensions and is 162g in weight.

RIM playbook is supported 7-inches capacitive WSVGA Touchscreen display with gesture support having resolution of 1024 x 600.  Dimensions is as (194 x 130 x10 mm) and 425g in weight.

Memory and Camera

Apple iPad2 is supported 16GB/32GB/64GB built in memory and no expandable memory at all. Camera offers 5MP digital zoom with Geo-tagging feature and is also having front side camera to support video calling.

Blackberry playbook offers options of 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB internal storage with 1GB of Ram and there is not any external card slot. It is featured with 5 MP 2592 x 1944 Autofocus camera with 3MP of secondary camera.

Connectivity and Miscellaneous features

iPad2 is having connectivity support for Bluetooth v2.1 +EDR, Wi- Fi 802.11b/g/n. it is having HDMI port for USB, GPRS, GPS , push mail , SMS, MMS, 3- axis gyro user interface, scratch resistant oleophobic surface.

Blackberry playbook is supporting connectivity of Bluetooth 2.1 with AA2DP and EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. Multitouch input support, Email push mail, HDMI port, predictive text input, Supports Adobe flash 10.1.

Battery and Prices

iPad2 is having battery type of Li- ion 6930 mAh, 25 watt hour Rechargeable battery, Stand by time of upto 720h and talktime of upto 10h. The price of iPad2 is $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB.

Playbook is supported standard Li- Po 5300mAh rechargeable battery. The range of blackberry playbook is varying by its choice of 16GB for $499, 32 GB of $599 and 64GB of $699.


According to weight of features and quality of Apple iPad2 is a win- win product. Who is the winner from your point of view? Do let us know.

Author Bio:

This is a Guest-Post by Kavita Arora who is a Tech Blogger cum Music Lover, she love writing Technical Reviews, Tips and Tricks. Besides Technical attachment, she is keenly attached with the Bollywood Love. She love writing movie reviews, and Song lyrics at Lyrics Masala

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  1. David Lundquist

    I am not sure how the author concluded that IPAD2 is better, however here are some things the PlayBook offers.

    When it comes to processing speed: Playbook’s 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 is significantly better performance than the IPAD2, further dedicated 1GB of Ram for CPU intensive applications such as Flash mean the Playbook gives you laptop quality responsiveness.

    The PlayBook is 30% smaller with a rubber backing and an HD aspect ratio, you can hold this tablet in one hand.

    Unlike IPAD2 which cannot allow many applications to run at the same time, Playbook lets you open up many applications and be using them all: Example, You can be in a Video conference using one of the 2 1080p cameras, and at the exact same time, use the spreadsheet application, while at the same time browse the web for data to add to your spread sheet, and then even email it to those participating in the video conference with you.

    While it does not have an SD card, this is not a short coming, the reason is that PlayBook connects to your WIFI network and appears to your other computers like your PC or Mac as just another computer on the network. You can click on the “Playbook” on your computer open up its folder system and drag and drop files as you please.

    The Browser on the Playbook is vastly better than Safari on IPAD2 and follows web standards to perfection. Full support for CSS3 and HTML5 and Flash. (The real reason Flash isn’t supported on IPAD2 is because the iOS is not really able to run two applications at once and relys on “tricks” to get applications looking like they are running together) From the Desktop version of Google Apps to flash intensive sites like LOGMEIN Playbook delivers.

    Another huge advantage for Playbook can be shared between family, co-workers, and even friends who happen to have a Blackberry Phone. Playbook uses Bluetooth to wirelessly access all information on your Blackberry and gives you BBM, Mail, Calendars, etc right from the Playbook. When someone else uses the Playbook, they let Playbook to connect to their Blackberry and voila The Playbook switches to their files and their information, will leaving your files safely on your phone.

    For Cellular connectivity here is another cool thing. Playbook can run using the existing data plan on your Blackberry, you don’t need to get a second data plan, and what’s more, if your friend uses a different Cell company than you, (even a different network eg: CDMA, AWS etc) Playbook will still work. This is done through a cool innovation known as the BlackBerry Bridge which will keep your Playbook connected to your Blackberry even at distances of 30meters (100ft).

    Finally QNX is the Playbook OS is really the BMW 5 series of tablet OS’s. Compared head to head with iOS from Apple, iOS might as well be an entry level Ford Compact that is slightly used. QNX is based on the idea of running most of the OS in the form of a number of small tasks, known as servers. This differs from the more traditional monolithic kernel, in which the operating system is a single very large program composed of a huge number of “parts” with special abilities. In the case of QNX, the use of a microkernel allows users (developers) to turn off any functionality they do not require without having to change the OS itself; instead, those servers are simply not run.

    While their are not a million apps yet for PlayBook that will change fast. Anyone who makes Adobe Air Applications or makes Flash applications can run those APPS on Playbook. Flash is ultimately a faster platform than HTML 5 Canvas so expect new developers to choose the QNX based PlayBook.

    On 3D games and graphics: while there is no contest. Playbook wins.

    HDMI: Playbook takes a standard Mini HDMI while IPAD2 is busy creating yet another expensive clumsy connector that likely will be one more useless wire when IPAD 3 comes out.

    Bottom line: if you want a tablet good enough to replace your heavy laptop PlayBook is the only tablet on the market that will deliver the performance.

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  3. “When it comes to processing speed: Playbook’s 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 is significantly better performance than the IPAD2”
    Says who??? every credible test I have seen so far says different. Many cases the Playbook doing poorly against other tablets as well. You seriously underestimate Apple’s experience with ARM technology. Check into ARM’s history and you’ll see who was one of the original investors in ARM, who first used ARM in mobiles.
    As for memory, Playbook is the first tablet to give error messages due to lack of memory! Cool, eh?
    APPS: Wasn’t the fact that the Playbook bet heavily on Adobe Air supposed to mean that you would see tons’O’apps right out the gate? Is that why RIM bought a Montreal firm to add the basic apps it lacked? After the Playbook went live? Does that show that they really knew what they were doing? I think not. The iPad started with about 100 ipad apps within weeks and now has over 60,000. They had over 300,000 iphone apps that worked on the iPad just fine day one. Where are the few BB apps that exist on BB phones?
    I am seriously starting to wonder how much thought went into their Tablet strategy. It would appear from recent surveys that many CIOs are asking the same thing.

  4. David Lundquist

    Hmm. DaveMTL

    No one is underestimating Apple save its current users. This is a company with a notorious agenda, a lack of respect for customer privacy, vendor relationships with partners like Adobe, or the thousands of “App Developers”.

    Ever see the movie “Chicago”? Well Apple gives the ol’ Razzle Dazzle.

    Let’s set aside for a moment processing power, since it is fairly obvious you do not actually own both devices. As you admit you are hostage to all those “credible test[s] I have seen so far says different” internet reports. (Take my word for it, working with multiple applications at the same time is rewarding)

    Next let’s take a look at your contention that “Playbook is the first tablet to give error messages due to lack of memory! “. Well you are unlikely to suffer this fate on Apple, because you can’t truly run multiple processes. That’s not a feature its a limitation.

    Apps: Well if you owned a PlayBook you would have quickly realized that will a “desktop class” browser capable of not only full HTML5, CSS3 support and full Flash quickly makes the 911 panic about Apps seem redundant. Further nearly every Flash App such as picnik and logmein works like a charm on the PlayBook. (Guess we don’t need to wait for those sites to make apps since they already work)

    Here’s a news flash: Apple doesn’t let Adobe run Flash because it’s iOS and present hardware have serious flaws that leave the entire platform vulnerable to catastrophic failure with full Flash is run. Further Safari on iOS is the worst performing tablet browser, with the least support for the HTML5/CSS3 features.

    Bottom line: BlackBerry has taken a bold step in the right direction. The PlayBook is unassuming however there clearly is a growing trend line on sales, it has already outsold the Xoom Tablet. The browser is miles ahead of Safari, and in the world of Tablets, the Browser is King.

    Your CIOs in you surveys? Where are these links?

    There is no secret that Apple has its Brand, and its followers hate anything that Apple doesn’t have or do.

  5. David Lundquist

    One more thing about PlayBook, since it’s browser can run the real internet most applications that people use online work fantastically well, contrast that to the Apple where the Apple geniuses dictate that “Immersive content intended to target these devices must be developed in HTML5, or as a downloadable app. Unfortunately, the support of HTML5 on iOS Safari is incomplete, specifically in the realm of communication and animation protocols.”

    Oh well i’m sure there’s an App for that?

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