Conjoined Twins Sharing The Same Body

The rarest of rare conjoined twins, Brittany and Abby Hensel, who share the same torso but have separate bodies and heads – a phenomenon that happens occurs once in a trillion. Their parents were told by doctors that the chances of them surviving for even a day was remote, soon after their birth, 22 years ago. Brittany and Abby have kept away from prying eyes living in their small town in Minnesota, US. They have successfully completed their graduation, leant driving and now the cheerful pair is looking forward to enjoying their life and all set to star in their own TV reality show and become celebrities in their own right.

They insist that they have totally different from each other with their own personalities and share their dreams about marrying and kids in the future, though they don’t want to be asked about boyfriends just yet! Though both of them agree that they haven’t worked out things on how it is going to happen they are positive about one thing –they are going to be moms one day!!

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They are fused together with two heads – dicephalic parapagus – twins and the history of their rate of survival in infancy is very minimal. The girls have two esophagi, two hearts, three kidneys, two stomachs, one liver, four lungs, two which are joined, two gall bladders, a circulatory system that they share, and nervous systems which again is shared and have two joined that are fused together at the pelvis.

They share all other organs, which include the reproductive organs from below their waist. When born, they had a third arm that was only partly-formed and removed when they turned 12 and underwent a surgery for correcting their spine curvature which helped in their breathing. Since they were growing up so healthy, their parents Patty, a nurse, now aged 46, and Mike, 47, didn’t want to separate them since each of them would have had only one leg and arm and would have been confined to wheelchairs.

Although, Abby has no sensation on the left part of her body and Brittany can’t feel anything on her right side, they astounded everybody with their inborn instinct to co-ordinate their limbs so as to enable them to crawl, walk, run and even scratch each other. These twins swim, ride a bike, play the piano and put their make up like any young lady of their age.

They were always encouraged to be themselves all their life which has made them what they are today. Coming from a small town they were accepted as one of them but they agree that there were uncomfortable moments where strangers would to stop and stare, make comments and take pictures. They only time that they talked about getting separated was when they were small children when Brittany was down with pneumonia and Abby was bored and wanted to go and play. The best thing about being conjoined twins, the girls say and agree is that they always have each other to talk to!

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