Ants Thieves Stole Diamonds

In Modasa city, Gujarat state of India, some thieves stole diamonds from a factory. The thieves were very clever and left no signs of being caught. But to make you in surprise, these thieves were not human beings. They were small ants.

Yes, the small ants were the thieves who stole this costly stone so cleverly that no one was able to trace them.

The diamond factory is owned by the local resident Ishwar Singh. In his cabin, he placed 15 diamonds in his drawer. The tray also contained some sugar pieces. After placing the costly stones, he went out to have his lunch with some of his colleagues.

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But when he came back, he was surprised to see that form 15, 5 pieces were missing. As it was not some pen or pencil, he counted the stones 3-4 times to check if he was committing any mistake. But every time, the count was coming as 10.

He became very angry and called all his firm workers and started asking each of them if anybody has stolen them. But he lost his temper when everyone of them refused. He asked all of them to search for the thief else he would call the police.

All the workers started searching for the diamonds but no-one was able to find them. Then one of the managers saw a line of some ants nearby the drawer of Ishwar. They all realized that many ants were taking some shiny stone. When they looked with keen, they found that it was none other but one of the diamonds. All then predicted that they have got the thieves.
Ants Thieves Stole Diamonds

They started following the lane and the line and it ended at small hole (that might be the home of these ants). When they broke that hole with some sharp metal, they all were surprised to see that all the diamonds were in that hole.

The small ants have stolen those diamonds and taken them to their hole. On finding their lost thing, all felt a sigh of relief and laughed a lot. The manager informed media of this news.

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