Watching Pornography kills Marriage Life and gives Divorce

According to a survey by BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat in UK, conducted on 1057 young boys and girls of ages between 18-24 years, the young boys watch porn on internet for atleast 2 hours once in a week and girls 15 minutes. The time period spent online watching this dust is more in boys. This research is conducted from 18 March to 21 March 2011.

It’s been also observed that one out of 3 such men said that this caused relationship problems to them with their partners. The number further increased to 7 out of 10 among those men who watched porn 10 hours a week. Most of such men watch porn sites hiddenly and that they fear of being caught. And 1 men/women out of 4 had less interest in doing sex with their partners.

Such persons who worked in their offices often missed the deadlines of their work and then they had to listen their bosses. The number is 1 out of 3. They are unable to do their works on time. Even light users, who spent around an hour per week showed such symptoms. The number of such persons, who watched porn heavily and most of the time, rose to 4 out of 5. These persons neglects their office works very much.

This is a serious issue as per doctors. They said that watching ill material on internet is dangerous for all as the person’s work efficiency is decreased and thus that of company, which results in the overall decrement of any country‚Äôs output.

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Portman Clinic’s Heather Wood said that such persons loss their life fun and are unable to enjoy their life to the fullest. They whole time want pornography. It revolves in their minds and this becomes their main purpose of life. He further said that these people are worried about themselves, worried about what they are looking and also worried about their relationship status and often complain about their relationships. They lose interest in the sex life with their partners. The couple loses the faith after sometime and they love to be divorcee.
Porn Watching on Internet

Hannah Ewens said that young boys after seeing porn movies want their girl friends to act in the same way as porn stars. She accepted that all the boys of her age that she knows have same mentality and they talk in that way only. They talk with their girl-friends in the same way and wanted to have same with them. She said that the girls who do not do as per their wish is not a good girl friend.

Please see the graph showing the percentage of people watching sex.

Graph showing How much percentage Boys see Sex and Porn on Internet

Sex Graph

Girls do not like such boys who act in this way and such sites should be banned as soon as possible so our young generation could be saved from any future disaster and to have a healthy fruitful relationship between husband-wife.

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