Speaking Parrot in England – Speaks English & Urdu

A speaking parrot is creating a lot of attention in London, England. The reason is that the parrot not only speaks English but Urdu language also.

The owner of this bird, Ghaffar Ahmed has taught him to utter some religious phrases of English and Urdu as well. Mr. Ghaffar Ahmed is a Muslim and has taught the bird to speak the man’s mother- tongue.

The parrot is just 2 years old and greets the visitors with some good religious Urdu language words like ‘Asalaam Walekum’ etc.

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It is catching attraction of the nearby people and has also made its place in Daily Mail newspaper.

It is grey in color. It greets everyone to whom it meets. Along with the religious words, it also utters some common English words like Hi, Hello, Good Morning etc.

The parrot name is the same common name, that many Indians keep – Mitthoo or Mitto.
Although the name is common and repeating, but its character and acts are not common; infact very extraordinary.
Speaking Parrot in England

Mitthoo has also made its owner world-popular. Whole media is busy in covering this news and Ghaffar Ahmed is happily showing his art to all.

Mitto can also speak the famous Urdu words like ‘Bismillah’. Apart from speaking, the parrot can make different voices like barking like a dog and Refrigerator Alarm etc.

The bird is a good attraction for all as whosoever meets with Mitthoo; it speaks the soft words with that person. It welcomes them and adds to their enjoyment. Along with it, Mr Ahmed is also gaining the world-wide popularity and that too totally free. It is the hard work of the owner that is making him popular. He has worked hard to teach the languages to Mitto.

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