Man who drinks petrol and diesel for survival

You all might own cars, autos, motorbikes and all also know that they run with petrol or diesel. This fuel is food for these vehicles and without these, they cannot run. This fuel provides energy to such vehicles as food provides to us.

But do you know there’s a man who drinks such fuel to live a healthy life. Chen Dejun from China is drinking the gasoline from the last 42 years. It’s to be noted here that drinking the petrol is not a hobby for him but infact a compulsion.

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Initially he started taking it as a medicine and now he is addicted to it. At the first time he drank kerosene in the year 1969. Actually, he felt some serious pain in his chest at that time. The old villagers suggested him that he might be suffering from Tuberculosis and should drink kerosene in order to get cured. They advised him that kerosene will prevent his disease and he will not need to go to any doctor. In this way, his money would also be saved and he can get the medicine at his home itself. Also, the dangerous disease will also be cured.

Chinese Man Chen Dejun since then started drinking kerosene daily but in 2001 when he found difficulty in getting the kerosene, he started inhaling the gasoline and since then inhales the gasoline daily.
Chinese Man Chen Dejun drinks Petrol

Chen Dejun lives in the hills of Shuijiang, district Nanchuan of Chongqing municipality in South-West China. The man is 71 years old. He told that every month he drinks about 3.5 kilograms of gasoline that he purchases from a nearby station.

Mr. Dejun is a poor man who survives by weaving bamboo and cutting stones. He is lean but in good health. The doctors examined him and found no problems in his health. As per them, his body has developed the resistant power against the gasoline.

As per the calculations, Chen might have inhaled around 1.5 tons of this liquid in the last 42 years.

He has a wife Yuan Huibi and 3 sons. All have forced him many a times to stop this addiction but they all failed and still the person is on his addiction. These efforts just broke the family and from the last 8 years, Mr. Dejun is living alone in his cottage as his all family-members have left him.

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