Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz became Millionaire on losing job

Just few days, the news broke out that Yahoo has suspended her CEO Carol Bartz and she is jobless now. The news was a more surprise one as this firing was done in such a way that even the street companies do not prefer this way. The small companies with just 10-15 employees do not follow this termination policy as followed by one of the biggest online media firm YAHOO.

CEO Carol Bartz was fired on just one phone call from Roy Bostock, the Chairman of Yahoo. She didn’t even expect that this could happen and she was also surprised when she came to know the reason of termination.

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The lady Carol felt very sad and just mentioned in her final mail that she sent to all the employees that she is no more with the company now and is been terminated by Chairman Roy Bostock.

She thanked all the employees with whom she got a chance to work till now in her career and said that she enjoyed her days with Yahoo and wished all the employees and the firm a good luck with good future.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz said that she is very unhappy on leaving Yahoo and also was disappointed on the procedure of firing.
Web Company Yahoo announced that Tim Morse, Chief Financial officer will be as interim CEO till the time they search for a permanent person that can compete against big giants Facebook and Google.

But it seems that luck is with Yahoo Ex-CEO Carol Bartz. Actually, Yahoo has to pay near about 10.4 million dollars to the lady as a compensation for firing her from the job. It is also said that the company is going to pay some shares also to the woman.

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