Cheapest AirPlane in India with price of car

Do you want to purchase an airplane? I don’t’t know about you but yes, I want to buy one :). But bad is that I don’t have so much money that I can purchase it and also I don’t have so much space that I can park in my home’s lawn :).

But anyways if you are rich enough that you can afford 1.8 crore indian rupees (393,541 US dollars) then you can be proud yourself to be the owner of an aeroplane. Yes, the plane would just be of 1.8 crore INR. At this cost, one can buy a Ferrari Car. So, the persons who can buy Ferrari car can afford this new air riding product also.

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The company Mahindra and Mahindra is planning to make and launch a plane in the market; like Ratan Tata launched Tata Nano, the small car, some years back and said that it is his desire to make a car that every common man can afford. He said that he wants that very Indian, if he is having little money, should be in a position to be the owner of the car. Nano’s amount he kept was just 100,000 bucks. And now, Mahindra is following his steps and is planning to make the cheapest plane. For this, the company is saying that it has kept the prices as low as it can.

The manufacturer is saying that the new vehicle is almost ready and just test-flight is pending. Within the coming few weeks, the testing would start and after that, it would be launched in the market.

The aeroplane is named as NM5 and it will be the first commom man vehicle with which he or she can fly in the air and touch the clouds :).
Mahindra Airplane NM5

Mahindra said that they are spending something around 50 crores rupees (10,930,460 US Dollars) for the development and testing and initially, they are planning to make around 100 pieces each year. And if the demand will increase, they will increase the supply rate.

The manufacturer said that it will also sell this new product in China. It confirmed that China has already given 20 pieces orders. And if the same pace will continue then I think China will become the first preference of Mahindra as compared to India.

If NM5 will be successful then more updations would be done to it as and when they would be required.


  1. You will give the salary to pilot


    we are seeking a cheapest and smallest air plane to gift on the occasion of opening of new project to Director of our company


    we would like to buy a new smallest and cheapest aeroplane for our director of the company on occasion of opening of new project
    This would be the best present from marketing team

  4. pradeep kumar behera

    I want to buy on but how it landin. I have no more space. How it possible.

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