I want to be Worlds Fattest Lady – Susanne Eman

Are you very much fatty and worry of your growing body?

Or, do you want to be slim and beautiful?

No doubt in today’s era, everybody wants to be slim and beautiful and in a race to look beautiful and slim, today’s girls are trying every possible ways. They go to gym, do dieting and try several other ways also. But Susanne Eman from Arizona, America is quite opposite to all this. She eats and eats and never goes on dieting. Surprised :).

Actually, Susanne wants to become the fattest woman of world and wants to hold a Guinness Record for herself.

Currently, she weighs 330 kilograms and wants to become more fatty. Her weight is increasing day by day and instead of worrying on this, she is very happy. She says that she feels more happy when she weighs her body and the Weighing-Machine shows her weight increased as compared to before.

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Susanne Eman wants to be more healthy and fatty so that she can win an entry in Guinness Book of World Records. For this to accompalish, she is inhaling some 20k calories daily.

Similarly, another lady by the name Dona Simpson is also following the same footsteps. Dona is from New Jersey and is 43 years in age. Simpson currently weighs 317 kilograms.

Susanne is a married lady and has 2 kids, aged 12 and 16 years. She goes to Walmart with her sons and brings 6 trolleys of food, out of which the maximum she eats herself and only some of the part is eaten by rest of the family.

The current Most Weighing Lady record is of 730 kgs and if Mrs. Eman will continue to grow at the same pace then soon that record will break.
Worlds Fattest Lady

The lady is currently 32 years of age and she hopes that she will break the old Guinness Entry after 10 years. But her desire is to reach that level soon and she is trying her best for that.

Her breakfast is what a normal man eats in a full complete day. Her family is also supporting her and never complains of her diet.

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