Boys are becoming girls – Strange Disease

In Patna in Bihar state of India, a school student who is studying in eleventh class has started behaving like girls. He has started walking in the same way as girls walk. He even hesitates while talking with all, especially when he talks with boys. His friends have started breaking friendship with him. Whether girl or boy, nobody wants to be his friend.

He is not like this since birth. But such habits are introduced within him just few months back. He is becoming a girly boy. His old friends have started teasing him. Some say him gay, some lesbian and some homo-sexual. Some bother him by calling him as a girl.

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His parents became too worried on his acts that they thought consulting a doctor. They then took their son to their family-surgeon. The doctor checked him. He consulted with other team-mates and led to the conclusion that this is all due to oxytocin.

Oxytocin is mixed now-a-days in the vegetables and fruits to increase their sizes. The vegetables are injected so that they could weigh more and more money the farmers can earn. The sizes of such fruits and vegetables increase as compared to the normal ones and also they ripen early as compared to the normal ripening process.

The milkmen also give such hormones-increasing injections to the milk-giving animals such as cows and buffaloes. The animals give more milk with these injections. But the bad effect of these injections is that it contains high volume of oxytocin. Such milk which is given by these cows and buffaloes contain the same volume of oxytocin and human beings drink this milk.

This medicine when mixes with human blood creates some disorders. The human beings start feeling more mature. So when 9-10 years children take such food and drink, their sex-hormones grow upto such a level that they think themselves to be of 20-21 years of age. They attract more towards opposite sex and as such they commit serious crimes. One of the reasons of increase in the number of rape cases is this itself.

The boys and girls also tend to suffer from diabetes by inhaling such eatables and drinkables that contain oxytocin.

The more dangerous effect of such chemical substances is that the boys get females hormones in them and they start behaving like females. The young boys pretend themselves to be girls.

The doctors are worrying that if such a race is continued then the day is not far when the boys will pretend to change their sexes and behave like girls. This can also lead to more gayety.

They say that such mixing of chemical compounds with food substances should be avoided so that the human generation can live a healthy and happy life for a longer period of time.

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