Goat gave birth to Elephant in India

In Porpan village of Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand state of India, a goat has given birth to a baby elephant. When the baby was born, the goat-keepers feared on seeing it. At first instance, they were not able to express their thoughts. They were thinking that some ghost has arrived in their village and now their lives are in danger. They thought that they have done something wrong due to which this is happening.

The villagers, when heard of this news, started gathering at the person’s home. They realized that the goat has given birth to strange animal as the animal was not proper elephant also. It was neither elephant and nor goat. Then one villager looked properly and said that this is Ganesha. Ganesha is one of the Hindu God.


The other villagers also agreed to him and they all started worshipping that animal. Soon the house of Daulat Mehto was filled with religious hymns. The people started chanting in front of that animal. They even called Mr. Daulat as pious and said that Daulat is very lucky person whose home is chosen by God Ganesha.

The baby goat has 2 big ears like elephant. Instead of normal nose, the baby elephant has a big nose like an elephant. It drinks milk with that big nose.

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A person suggested that it should be shown to doctors as it is a strange thing and there can be some danger to the baby animal. But the villagers along with Daulat Mehto declined his request and said that the animal has no problems. Infact, it is Ganesha and so its body is in such a way.

Whatever may be, the animal has become a point of attraction for all the villagers. They have even called their respective relatives to come and see the strange beast. Even the people from nearby areas have started gathering at Daulat Mehto’s home. The home of Mr. Mehto has also become a famous attraction point and the person is also enjoying the guests on his home. He is saying that he is very lucky to have God Ganesha at his home. This is all due to the good deeds that he has done.

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