Snake in love with woman

In Vijaypur of Mirzapur city of Uttar Pradesh state in India, a snake is in love with a widow woman named Manju. The snake is always seen near the lady, especially when she sleeps. In the night, when no other man dares to come near the village girl then that snake fearlessly comes on the sleeping bed. The worse thing is that it bites her and leaves her in dangerous condition.

The incident is happening from the last 16 days. The woman has been cut around 6-7 times in the last 16 days by this poisonous reptile. After the serpent bites, the woman cries loudly. When the family members hear the screaming voice, they run to the lady.

Snake loves woman

When serpent sees the other members of the family coming with sticks in their hands, it runs to save its life. The family members then take the lady to a doctor which treats her. The good but the surprising thing is that everytime, the woman’s life is saved by the doctor.

This incident has made the lady and the serpent famous in the village. The villagers are saying that the lady and snake had some relations in their past births. Perhaps, the snake was her lover and boyfriend or husband and now he is coming to take his girlfriend or wife back. It cuts her so that she may die and then both of these can continue their love-story.

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One more surprising fact is that the reptile bites only Manju and not any other member of the village. So, the villagers suspect of the above story to true.

It’s a different story that whether the girl and snake were past-birth lovers or not but true is that in this birth, the poisonous reptile has flown the girl’s sleep. Not only the girl, but the other members of family have started worrying. When the dark starts approaching, they close their all windows and doors in order to keep the serpent away. But inspite of all the efforts, the snake reaches on the lady’s bed every night.

Now, they are planning to either hire a snake-charmer that can take it away from them or to kill it themselves.


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