Hundreds of Gmail Accounts Hacked – Google accuses China Hackers

A hacker in China hacked hundreds of Gmail accounts yesterday on June 1, 2011. The accounts also included some of the USA’s govt higher officials, Military Personnel, government officials of South Korea, China’s Politicians, and Journalists etc.

Google said that it has notified all the victims including all the govt official persons, whose ids have been hacked.

But the big G denied telling that who those hackers were. It only said that those are traced to be from Shandong province and the city of Jinan.

Gmail guys added that the attackers were when stealing the passwords, were caught by them and then they disrupted the hackers campaign.

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Explaining the attacking procedure, it added that these Gmail users became the victims of a phishing scheme. The attackers asked some secret information claiming that they would provide them more secrecy and obtained the usernames and passwords of those persons and thus those ids were stolen completely.
Gmail Hacked by China Hackers

Such Cyber-Attackers use stolen login credentials illegally and change the forwarding and delegating settings of those email ids.

The company said that it’s good that their internal servers are not being affected. Becoming safer on their part, it added that the Gmail is secure and such hacks do not mean that there’s any vulnerability in their systems. Such attacks warn the users that they should not reveal their secret informations easily.

On the other side, China rejects all the claims by Big Internet Giant that the hacker was from China and he stole the hundreds of gmail passwords.

Hong Lei, Ministry spokesman further added that such accusations are not acceptable at all.

He said that the hacking is something of which China also falls a prey to and the claims from Google that their country’s persons are indulged in this are totally baseless and should be ignored altogether.

Such incidents are deteriorating the relations of the Largest Web Search Company and China as previously around a year before also, a cyber attack was done on Google’s servers and that was also from China.

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