Top 10 Funniest Meme Characters of 2013

This article lists the top 10 funniest meme characters of 2013. The Internet world has been flooded with memes (images, GIFs and videos which are, in one way or the other, funny or comedic) as of the last few years. What make memes funny are the characters which the memes […]

Top 5 Funniest Television Series Characters of 2013

This article looks at the top 5 funniest television series characters of the year. During the year 2013, a countless number of television series have graced the world with their presence. Most of these television series were funny or comedic television series. Well, now that the year 2013 has come […]

Top 5 Funniest Movie Characters of all time

A large number of movies have been created, produced and release over the history of this world, and each of the movies which have been created, produced and released so far belong to a specific genre. There are many, many genres of movies and among the many genres of movies […]

Top 10 Funniest Cartoon Characters of all time

Every person remembers watching cartoons when they were kids, and most people still watch cartoons every now and then. According to statistics, the most popular and the most loved category of cartoons is the category of funny cartoons. Well, what actually make a funny cartoon funny are the characters that […]

Top 5 Funniest Television Series of all time

Everyone sitting down every day, having some snacks, sipping on colas and beer and watching a television series has become kind of a tradition in almost every home in the world. Television shows and television series are extremely popular in almost every country in existence. There are many types of […]