Woman using Sex Toy bleeds – sues manufacturer

A woman by the name ‘April Bonjour’ living in Northern California, United States of America, was enjoying with her boyfriend in the bed when suddenly she felt a severe pain in her internal organ. She cried with fear. She was using the sex-toy of ‘Pipedream Products’ so that she can […]

Why people eat popcorns in Movie Theatres

While watching movies in theatres, you must have seen people eating pop-corns and I know that you must have been a part of that group 🙂 as it is almost difficult to remain without eating the popcorns in theatres. You all might be thinking that it is due to the […]

Man who drinks only his wife’s Breast Milk

American man Curtis doesn’t eat anything in the whole day and even not drinks anything, except the breast milk. Curtis is not a small kid but infact a young man who is a husband and also a father of 9 months old baby girl. When the baby girl was born, […]

Man with 41 teeth in his mouth

A man by the name Anshu living in Ranchi, Jharkhand of India has total of 41 teeth in his mouth. One day on Friday, he started facing some pain in one of his teeth. The pain started increasing and when he found unbearable, he went to a Dental Clinic that […]

Eat Broccoli, Cauliflower To Prevent Cancer

A new study says that eating cauliflower, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables prevent cancer. Professor Emily Ho from Linus Pauling Institute of Orogon State University, United States of America has done a research on Broccoli. She started her research in 2003 and now has reached to the conclusion that such […]