Lady with longest nails of 6 meters

An American woman holds her name in the Guinness Book of World Records for having longest nails in the world. The lady by the name Chris Walton stopped cutting the nails of her hands fingers when she was 27 years old. Chris Walton is a musician and singer and is […]

Man raped daughter 497 times in 34 years

A man living in Nuremberg, Germany is been sent on trial by the court. The charges against him are of raping his own daughter. The surprising fact in this rape is that the man has not raped the girl just once or twice but infact; he has raped the girl […]

Hunger in America – Girls removing clothes

The economic meltdown has hit the world’s biggest superpower nation to so much extent that one can’t even imagine of. The people have started crossing all their boundaries. Whether the person is male or female, they are ready to take any step to get the money. Their aim is just […]